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Family Law in Danbury, Connecticut

The Law Office of Helen Allen presents options and provides you with real solutions to navigate through difficult times along your journey. Our clients each have unique experiences and sometimes emotionally difficult situations, such as marital and family law issues or financial struggles leading them to explore bankruptcy options. Our attorneys are here to assist our clients in making difficult decisions by providing them with information suited to establish and achieve their goals, preserve their best interests, and accomplish their desired outcome.

Our family law experts at the Law Office of Helen Allen offer alternative dispute resolution processes such as Mediation and Collaborative Law and, if your circumstances require a more traditional Court process, litigation.


Divorce Mediation

Collaborative Divorce


Bankruptcy Law

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and require information regarding debt relief, our office has a bankruptcy attorney ready to offer you the alternatives and solutions that you are seeking regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief.

The Law Office of Helen Allen is prepared to assist you in every step of your journey by presenting options and providing you with real solutions.